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We offer: accommodation in Dahab in a hostel or hotel, cheap backpackers lodging, camel safari’s to Mount Sinaï and the desert and diving and snorkelling in the red sea.

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"St. Catherine and Mount Sinai 1 Day Jeep tour"


This tour departs at 6.00 AM.

To be able to enjoy this tour you must be physically fit!

The tour includes a guided tour of St. Catherine's Monastery and the ascension of Mount Sinai.After visiting the monastery, you will have a picnic lunch and begin your ascent of the the ancient pilgrim trail of Jebel Musa, where you will enjoy the view of a lifetime.

After descending the mountain the jeep will take you to a local Bedouin village where you will enjoy a traditional Bedouin diner. The jeep will then take you back to Auski Camp.

Auski camp and Auski Tours can be reached at:

Phone:  0020 108 887 102

E-mail: • Maschraba street 34, 34552 Dahab