We offer: accommodation in Dahab in a hostel or hotel, cheap backpackers lodging, camel safari’s to Mount Sinaï and the desert and diving and snorkelling in the red sea.

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"The Jordan-Petra Tour"



Petra is an amazing historical treasure, carved out of the rose-red rocks by the Nabataeans.


You will not believe your eyes when you see what the Nabataens built, you will see the evidence of their dealings with the Romans and enjoy the warmth given by the Jordananian and Bedouin people. You can travel through Petra either on foot, by horse, donkey or carriage. There are many stunning views to be seen and many places you can explore alone or with a guide. You can have a drink in an authentic Bedouin tent and enjoy stunning views. After this you can go of the beaten track to see the natural beauty of the oasis of Wadi Rum.




Jordan can be reached both by boat and over land. Express your wishes to Shawky and he will arrange your trip to this beautiful city.


Are there any other sites you want to see? You can discuss them with the Auski Camp manager and a route will be made and a price discussed!

Auski camp and Auski Tours can be reached at:

Phone:  0020 1008887 102

E-mail: shawky_maged@yahoo.com • Maschraba street 34, 34552 Dahab